Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pink Invasion

Bella had her first friends birthday party this year. The theme was centered around Bella's favorite thing: PINK! Everyone was to come dressed in pink and ready to have a pink-fabulous time.

We made pink bracelets.

And we painted our nails pink.

And we made pink purses to hold all of their pink party favors.

We played pin the bee on the pink flower.

Cute, pink girls.

And of course we had pink cupcakes.

I love this picture!

All of the pink ladies eating their cupcakes. And then, of course, there is cousin Ellie, who would rather die than wear anything pink.

What cute girls!

Mom's little cupcake.

We even let these guys come but for some reason, we couldn't convince them to wear pink.

Bella's birthday is really on Tuesday, so we'll celebrate some more on Tuesday with family. Although she hardly needs more gifts. She has been in pink heaven with all of her girly, glam, and princess gifts. Fun to be four!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Bella! I love the pink party. Emily had a purple party when she was about that age, however now she would be the one girl at the party wearing black too!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...


Jolayne said...

Kristen loves her pink fingernails. She had a great time.