Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rites of Passages

Bella has passed through two rites of passages this past week; she got her ears pierced and she started kindergarten. She was so brave when she got her ears pierced and she has been so responsible cleaning her earrings twice daily. She also transitioned to kindergarten beautifully and she loves wearing her school uniform. I think she looks adorable in it. Of course, Bella got her ears pierced with her BFF, Sophie, and they are in the same kindergarten class. Going through such "scary" changes alongside her best friend has made the experiences seamless.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Double the Fun to Be One!

Our little Miss Calista turned 1 this week. Since she and Ben were born hours apart at the same hospital, we had a double birthday party for the cutie pies. It was so much fun. And because of Cali's milk and egg allergies, I found a recipe online and made her a milk and egg free (and therefore frosting free) cake. She ate it like a dainty little girl but she LOVED it!

I'm pretty sure Ben was saying something like this to Cali: "Hey...wanna try MY cake? It has milk and eggs in it. AND frosting!"

And here are the Moms and babies. We are smiling because we made it through the year of hard childbirth, no sleep, fussy babies, YW's presidency calling stuff, (from which we were just released), and juggling all of our other family responsibilities. Yes, we are happy that they are 1!

Truthfully, this year has flown by. Cali started out as a horribly fussy, very difficult, and intense baby. We seriously wondered what we had gotten ourselves into! But, right around six months old, she turned a corner and became a delightful, happy, and fun baby! She has been a blast. She has such a cute, playful personality now. She loves to laugh and play with her brother and sister. She likes to make messes and get into things as she explores all over the house (evidence pictured below). She has 2 1/2 teeth now, has successfully weened from nursing (this week), and can say "night night", "nana" (banana), and "dada". She isn't walking on her own yet but will be soon. She is one sweet and adorable baby and we are so happy that she gave us the surprise of our lives and joined our little family. We love you, Cali!