Friday, April 25, 2008

Looks blonde to me...

So tonight, while hanging out with some of the gals, I was challenged to prove that I ever had blonde hair. I've mentioned before that as I've gotten older, I've had this identity crisis realizing that I'm not blonde anymore. But, after seeing the pics of me in Jerusalem from when I was about 19 years old, some of my friends don't believe that I was ever blonde. So, tonight I ventured down to outer darkness (AKA, my basement) to look in the many boxes of old junk that I should really just set on fire. I couldn't believe the things I was finding. Old journals, tapes and cd's, and even a 32 cent stamp. Do you think I can still use it? It looks so different!
Anyway, so this post is for all of you naysayers (and you know who you are!!!) Yep, that's right. I'll humiliate myself by posting these old pictures just to prove once and for all that I did have blonde hair (and some crazy big hair, too!). If you knew me back then and can vouch for my blondness, do me a favor and leave a comment. You ready for this? Bring on the public humiliation...

I was a sophomore in high school here...gotta love the soccer shorts!

Yeah, I had a thing for John Travolta. Junior or Senior in high school.

Love you, Naomi! Don't kill me for posting this picture! Those were some fun times. Junior in high school

Man, that was some serious big hair. You would not believe how long it took me to do that! I used some serious product and spent an hour with the blow dryer scrunching it just right. I had early morning seminary that started at 6:30 and I was up at 4:45 getting started on my HAIR!!!

After a few months at Ricks college, I decided to stop perming my hair. I think that is when it started going darker.

So, I never said it was white blonde...just on the blonde spectrum.

I couldn't find my baby pictures or else I would have shown you how it all began...
Do you believe me now Kris and Tami?

I dare all of you to dig into the old photo albums and post a few...

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's official!

A judge of an US district court decreed Ezra our legal son today. He has always been ours in our hearts since the day he was born but it is so nice to be able to go to court and have it officially and legally decreed, too. It was a happy morning for our little family. Ezra was social and smiley as usual. And, just like I did with Bella, I teared up and bumbled through as I went on record about how much I love Ezra and how grateful we are to be able to adopt him. My heart has been full this morning with love for my children and my husband and for gratitude to amazing birthparents who make it possible for me to be a mom, and for a loving Heavenly Father who guides this whole process. Life is good and I am happy! Next stop...the temple.

Outside of the Courthouse.

Happy, happy, family.

Mom, Dad, Tiff, and Ellie joined us at court.

With the judge after he decreed Ezra ours forever.

Our lawyer and social worker.

Bella and Ellie holding hands on our way into breakfast at Mimi's Cafe.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking back

On Monday we go to court to finalize our adoption. It is such a simple proceeding but one that makes Ezra officially and legally ours forever. We can't wait. Looking forward to Monday has caused me to reflect on an April day 3 years ago when we finalized our adoption with Bella. Since Bella was born in Utah, we went back there to finalize her adoption. We spent the night at Tim and Shalynn's house and we woke up early the next morning to go to court. Shalynn, Elizabeth, Jess, and Michael all came, too. I remember how happy Bella was. She was so smiley and giggly all morning. And the judge was really great. He said so many wonderful things about birthparents who choose adoption for their children and about families who adopt. He said that he loves when he sees adoptions on his docket because unlike all of the other court proceedings he hears, adoptions are happy occasions. He really made it special by allowing us to take pictures and taking his robe off and wrapping it around Bella. I remember becoming emotional and crying when the judge asked me to testify as to why I wanted to adopt her. I don't even know if I made sense as I cried through a response saying something about how much I loved her and how blessed I was to be her mom. It was an awesome and memorable morning for our family and I can't wait to finalize Ezra's adoption on Monday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ez and Bella Part II

I just can't resist posting another video clip of Bella making Ez laugh. These moments are just priceless little gems to see our kids loving each other and interacting together. This clip made us laugh for 2 reasons. One, just because of how much Ez is laughing. Totally contagious. And two, because we thought it was really funny when Bella hung the rubber band over his head and he was trying to eat it. You put anything within a half a foot near his face and he tries to put it in his mouth. Aren't they too cute?!?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sibling Love

Bella and Ez adore each other. Bella can make Ez laugh like no one else can, like in this video.

Whenever I put Ez down somewhere, I can be sure that within minutes Bella will be by his side hugging him, holding his hand, or playing with him. I'm so glad that they have each other.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Robbing the cradle???

A funny thing happened this weekend... Ezra's birthdad came for a visit. We have been emailing for 6 months now and so we were all happy to finally meet. He is a very nice and caring young man and we were happy to spend our weekend with him. But, because of the short notice of his trip out here, Blaine was stuck working most of the weekend and it was mostly just Bella, Ez and I hanging out with him. So, what to do all weekend with a 20 year old guy that I've just met? I thought he'd enjoy going with me to take Ezra's 6 month pictures and so I scheduled a portrait session at Target. We decided to also get some pics taken of Ez and his birthdad together as a gift to him. So, I explain to the Target people that we'll get some pics of Ez alone and some pics of the two guys together. They immediately start saying things like, "Dad, you look over here. Dad, do this." Well, that didn't bother me because, afterall, he is a dad in the technical meaning of the word. But, then they start saying things to me like, "Your husband this and your husband that." O.K. I'm pretty sure that I look like I'm in my 30's and Ezra's birthdad looks like he is barely 20. In addition, we had Bella with us who is 3 and a half years old. I am sure that the good folks at Target must have had an interesting conversation about us after we left. Afterall, if we really had been a couple, I should probably be in jail right about now.
Oh, and Happy 6 months to our sweet little Ez.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bella and Ez

Well, you all know how Bella doesn't like her hair to be done. So the other day we were going to go shopping and her hair was a mess. So as to avoid the big battle, I told her to just go grab a headband. Pictured below is how she came back, ready to go. I give her props for creativity and individuality. She was so proud of her creation that I actually let her run errands looking like that.

A little Ez update...he is 6 months old this week. I can hardly believe it! He is about 11 pounds and doing very well. He still has acid reflux, still throws up a few times a week (if you have witnessed know I am not talking about a little throw up...I am talking about a volcanic eruption that one can only fully appreciate when you have experienced it), and he struggles with constipation. He is on a stool softener, which has helped and he still takes prevacid. He is happy, happy, happy and such a smiley little guy. His life and his health are true miracles.