Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ez and Bella Part II

I just can't resist posting another video clip of Bella making Ez laugh. These moments are just priceless little gems to see our kids loving each other and interacting together. This clip made us laugh for 2 reasons. One, just because of how much Ez is laughing. Totally contagious. And two, because we thought it was really funny when Bella hung the rubber band over his head and he was trying to eat it. You put anything within a half a foot near his face and he tries to put it in his mouth. Aren't they too cute?!?


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Oh man! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his laugh. That was so cute. I was talking to Steve and he and Mettea might take a trip sometime out there just the two of them. The boys have school and I have to babysit and stuff, but they could go sometime. Mettea would love to play with Bella.

KrisJ said...

I love his giggle and how Bella is a sure thing for him! They are so cute together! And good job with the weight loss you are doing so awesome!

Carli said...

Too cute. I love hearing little ones laugh! (My kids loved watching this video too.) Bella is such a good big sister!