Monday, March 8, 2010

Look what we found in the baby's crib this morning...

Her big brother! Because he climbed right into the crib and entertained his baby sister, we were able to sleep in for about another hour unaware of the party going on down the hall. He even put his favorite blankie over Cali. Ez never once tried to climb in or out of this crib until today. Not even when he was the occupant. And guess what happened this afternoon when we thought both munchkins were still napping away upstairs? Yep, round 2 of party in Cali's crib. I think he is actually waking her up prematurely now to hang out. Although I enjoyed sleeping in this morning, this may not be a good thing forever if Ez continues to wake up his baby sister just for fun. He is such a little stinker...a cute little stinker! Oh, and if you are wondering what Cali thought of the company? She loved it as evidenced by all of the coos and goos.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why start your diet today when you can put it off 'til tomorrow?

Bella told me that she learned about being healthy and strong at church today and that she isn't going to eat very much candy anymore. I asked if she was going to start today and she said, "Nope, I'll start tomorrow" as she popped a sucker in her mouth. I guess that whole, "I'll start my diet tomorrow" thing begins young.

Have you missed me?

I realize that I used to blog more than I do now. Somewhere between lots of sick kids, painting and prepping our house to go on the market, getting it on the market, and keeping it show-ready with three little ones, time just escapes me. Since this blog serves the purpose of scrapbooking for me, here are a few pics of the last month or so of my little treasures.

Cali has become a very happy baby. I love her smiles and watching her jump around in this jumpy thing makes me laugh. She is rolling all over the place now (finally) but she still isn't quite sitting up on her own. She'll get there.

Oh, Ez. He just can't resist Bella's pink things. I know someday he'll realize that pink cowboy boots and painted toenails just don't have a place in his world, but until then, I'll keep laughing and snapping away.

My girls looked CUTE on Valentine's Day in their matching dresses and heart tights.

The past few months have brought much snow and has been just generally cold. Is it almost spring? Please, please tell me that it is almost spring. Well, at least the kids have fun out in it.

And we've finally gotten to the point where this little stinker will take a bottle from Blaine. Not so much from anyone else, and DEFINITELY not from me but because she will take it from Blaine, I have discovered a newer freedom than what I have enjoyed the past half year or so and have enjoyed a few girls nights out.

Like this one: A bunch of us went to see the musical Legally Blonde. Most of us dressed in Elle's signature color: Pink. It was a fun night and really a funny musical.

We've been sick alot this past month. Stomach virus, pink eye, and colds. It's just been yucky. Good thing daddy can bring home the prescriptions easier now. Bella is his cute, little apprentice.

And recently I have discovered the fun of these kufi hats with interchangeable flower clips. The girls look adorable in them and I love matching them. Have I ever mentioned how expensive girls are? They are just really fun to accessorize. I've noticed that Ezra gets new clothes when I realize that his pants are now high-waters and that he doesn't have anything to wear. The girls get new clothes just about every time I step into a store. The cute things just call to me.

Something else I've been pretty dedicated to lately has been running. I go to the gym nearly every morning and run on the treadmill. I'd like to say that I am becoming a runner but I did my first run outside the other day and I didn't feel too triumphant. I will say that it was cold and I was pushing a jogging stroller. So I'm hoping that once it warms a bit and I am free to use my arms, too, that it will continue to get easier. I plan on running the Bolder Boulder in May. I love having a goal. I also hope to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by summer (remember how I was skinny for about 2 weeks before I found out that I was miraculously pregnant?) Well, I've been working hard but I've found that post-pregnancy weight loss has been much harder for me. Nonetheless, it is coming off and I am currently about 15 pounds away from my goal. (For a gal that gained 65 pounds with pregnancy, I'll give myself a woot woot for that!.)