Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ez and Mom

Bella Joy

Mom and Bella

Repelling with family

Last weekend Wade, Kati, and kids came for a quick weekend visit. It is always a party when those guys are around. We had fun shopping, swimming, and going to the mountains for some repelling. Bella, who only a few weeks ago said that she would try repelling when she was 16, surprised us all and gave it a try. She got pretty far before the fear took over and she was done. I was seriously PROUD and SHOCKED at how well she did. We just may have ourselves a little rock climber/repeller soon. Hannah and Wade did great and had a blast for their first time repelling. Blaine and I used to go rock climbing all the time before we had kids and we are making an effort to get back out there and make this a family sport now.

Swimming Lessons

For the past 4 weeks we have had swimming lessons almost every day. The first two weeks were kind of cold and the last two weeks have been really hot. But Bella was a trooper and has become quite the little fish. I even took a class with Ez but it was way too cold for me (and that is saying something since my body temperature has been way up lately). I mostly preferred just hanging out with the Moms chatting while Bella and her friends braved the waters. Ez seemed to enjoy playing in the sand more than the water, too. This outdoor pool was really great though and I think we have found a new summer tradition.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're not in California anymore Toto

In fact, it feels a lot like Kansas here in Colorado lately.

We have had severe weather EVERY DAY for about two weeks now. Daily tornado watches, thunder, lightening, heavy rain, big, gray, ominous clouds, and hail have made this a memorable June so far. The first few tornado warnings really had me panicked so down to the dark, cold, boring basement we went to wait it out. Now it is like crying wolf. I hear the warning, as I've heard every day lately, and I have been tending to ignore them now. It is just getting REALLY OLD!

All of this is making me miss California. I've always missed the year-round incredible weather, the beaches and the strawberries, to name a few things, but can I seriously be thinking that I miss the earthquakes, too? Yep, I've had that thought plenty of times these past few weeks. Earthquakes come with out no panic, no waiting around downstairs trying to entertain your kids when you fear that your house is going to be blown away at any minute, etc. I experienced MANY earthquakes growing up in California AND while serving as a missionary in Chile and although I know that earthquakes can be dangerous and deadly, I've only experienced them as being a rush of adrenaline, kind of like a rollercoaster. Tornados, on the other hand, have only been scary to me. But hopefully I'll adjust since I think we are here to stay.

(Alison, I stole this picture from your blog)