Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

We've had a fun week of Halloween activities. We carved our pumpkins on family night.

Ez really got a kick out of the jack-o-lanterns.

Yummy toasted pumpkin seeds!

Tirsa had a fun witches night out with the girls.

Twenty witches all went out to dinner looking like this. We got lots of looks and even had strangers taking our pictures. It was a really fun time.

Blaine and I also went to a Halloween party as cowboys.

Check out that belt buckel! Oh, the things you can make with a paper plate, foil, and online graphics. I think he looked totally authentic!

Keeping with our cowboy family theme, Bella was a cowgirl and Ez was our cute little COW-BOY...Moo.

Ez was not into eating Halloween candy at all...crazy kid. But he had a great night with his cousins going door to door looking at all of the Halloween decorations.

The crew: A cowgirl, the cat in the hat, a race car driver, and two cowboys.

And the weather for trick or treating tonight was PERFECT! It felt like trick or treating in California! In the 6 years that we've lived here, it has either been snowing or totally freezing on Halloween so tonight was such a treat (no pun intended).
Hope you've had a great Halloween, too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Our Stake has encouraged physical fitness for the past two years with this little booklet. With each 20 minute interval that you work out, you can mark off a square, although no more than 3 squares per day to encourage a sustained effort over the year. Last year I was close to finishing the challenge but I was short about 30 or so squares (I blame the last few months of 2007's sedentary streak on Ezra's birth and hospital stay). Anyway, I am happy to report that today I just marked off my last square to achieve the gold level, and with two months left in 2008 at that! Honestly, (don't tell anyone), but I'll throw away my gold level award certificate when I receive it. I just like a challenge and a way to record my efforts. I have enjoyed working out more consistently this year and I have definitely felt better. So, here's to a good work out and going for the gold!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Farewell Blue

The other night when Bella was getting ready for bed she said, "Mom, Blue is at the bottom of the fish tank and he isn't waking up." Sure enough, Blue was dead. I broke the news to Bella, thinking she would be devastated. I started to explain where Blue is now... "Honey, Blue is in hea..." when Bella cut me off mid-sentence and asked excitedly, "Can I get a new fish? Can it be pink?" I thought, "Wow. That was way easier than I thought it would be."

Well, because of Blaine's work schedule (yes, I waited for him to do the job), it took two days for Blaine to flush Blue down the toilet. That deed was done tonight and boy did that open up the floodgates! Bella was an emotional wreck when she realized that Blue was not going to be in her fish tank anymore. She started bawling and saying, "Mom, I miss Blue." She has been crying for an hour straight. Poor little thing is experiencing grief at losing something she loved for the very first time. I tried to comfort her by saying that Great Grandpa is now taking care of Blue in heaven. But, she is beyond comfort right now. She is so sad! Honestly, I didn't even think that she liked that fish very much but I guess I was wrong. Blaine and I have been tag teaming on nursing the emotional wounds. I think he just got a small glimpse into the future and he just said, "I'm scared to see her as a teenager!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

4 years old

Bella woke me up yesterday morning asking, "Mom, am I four"? I just about cried realizing that she really is four and growing up so fast.
I sent her to pre-school wearing a button saying, "It's my birthday today" and with cupcakes to share with everyone.

For dinner, Grandma and Grandpa H and Tiff's family came over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. We had a good time.

Practicing in the house with her new rollerskates. I foresee broken bones in the near future.

Bella has taught me so much over these past four years about life, love, and what is most important. I get choked up just thinking about what a special little person she is. She tries hard to do what is right, she is a great big sister to Ez, she is smart, she makes us laugh, drives us a little crazy at times, and is so thoughtful. Just about everyday I find her making cards for her friends and she has been saying non-stop, "That was so nice of (so and so) to give me this". I'm so glad that she has a grateful heart. She is one incredible little girl! Love you, sweet Bella Joy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pink Invasion

Bella had her first friends birthday party this year. The theme was centered around Bella's favorite thing: PINK! Everyone was to come dressed in pink and ready to have a pink-fabulous time.

We made pink bracelets.

And we painted our nails pink.

And we made pink purses to hold all of their pink party favors.

We played pin the bee on the pink flower.

Cute, pink girls.

And of course we had pink cupcakes.

I love this picture!

All of the pink ladies eating their cupcakes. And then, of course, there is cousin Ellie, who would rather die than wear anything pink.

What cute girls!

Mom's little cupcake.

We even let these guys come but for some reason, we couldn't convince them to wear pink.

Bella's birthday is really on Tuesday, so we'll celebrate some more on Tuesday with family. Although she hardly needs more gifts. She has been in pink heaven with all of her girly, glam, and princess gifts. Fun to be four!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The 80's Called...


Brandie perfected the winged hair and acid washed jacket over a puffy painted t-shirt. Heather was an 80's prom queen (literally she was!), Jane had the Madonna look down...just look at her gloved hands. I totally rocked the side ponytail and Molly Wringwald 80's movies clothes, and Tasha had the shoulder padded blazer with an oversized white dress shirt and leggings while sporting some serious big hair (no wonder why Axel Rose gave her a smooch in the 80's).

Didn't everyone strike a SERIOUS pose for the photo ops in the 80's?!?

Adam in some seriously scary cut-off jean shorts and Michelle as a flash dancer. Awesome leg warmers!

These were our hosts for the night...Ben, the Fresh Prince of Firestone and Claudia, who still fit into her high school cheerleader's outfit!

Cindy and Chris looked TOTALLY RAD!

Me, in all of my 80's glory. Do note the following: Side ponytail with a hot pink scrunchie and big, teased out bangs. (I actually won that Tiffany cassette tape for having great 80's hair.) I completed the look with some BOY GEORGE looking makeup, hideous leggings with an oversized sweater complimented with a big belt, jelly shoes, mood ring, lots of bangled bracelets and jelly bracelets, big hoop earrings, and a fake, ugly corsage. It's just too bad Blaine was at work and didn't see me looking so, like totally, like, white hot.

Just one question...Why is it that 80's fashion is actually making a comeback???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Malia's Journey Home

It was so emotional to be at the airport today with our friends, the Jeffers, as they welcomed their sweet and beautiful daughter, Malia, home from Korea. This has been quite the journey for the Jeffers as they started the adoption process 18 months ago in Vietnam and then Vietnam started closing to US adoptions. And then the miracle happened when Kris stumbled across a website with Malia's profile. They switched gears and applied for her and were the chosen family. Seeing the Jeffers go through this journey with such faith and hope and love for their Korean princess has been an awe inspiring and faith promoting experience for me. And I have seen how Heavenly Father guided them to Malia, who He always knew was their daughter. Welcome home, sweet Malia. You are one VERY LOVED little girl!!!

Waiting for the Korean escort to arrive with Malia.

Mom, Dad, and brother see Malia for the first time. So emotional!!! (The Korean escort's head was blocking Malia's face).

Kris got a hold of her baby girl and I'm betting hasn't let her go ever since!

The cutest, most adorable family. Don't they look cute in their matching shirts? I made them... :)

Already smiling and enjoying her family. She knows she is home!

The whole gang there to welcome Malia home. We were all wearing TEAM MALIA shirts.

Ez hoping to be Malia's new boyfriend. Hey, he digs the older chicks. (Malia is 2 days older than Ez and she arrived home just 3 days shy of her first birthday). Bella sticking her tongue out at me or Ez? Busted!

Bella knew how special today was. We've been talking about Malia for quite some time now and tonight when she prayed at dinner she told Heavenly Father thank you that Malia is home. SO SWEET, even if she is a tongue-sticker-outer!

Congratulations Rich, Kris, Kaden, Madison, and Malia! You are a beautiful family. Thank you for letting me be a small party of your journey!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ezra!

We celebrated Ezra's birthday Monday night with my parents and Tiff's family.

I'm no Betty Crocker but I had fun making a choo choo train cake for him.

Ez thought the balloons were so cool.

He got his very own coal cargo train to himself. Boy did he like those wheels and the coal!

"Is this all for me???"

"Well, then I'm digging in!"

"O.K. I've had enough!"

"No, really. The frosting is even in my eyes. Time to move on to presents."

"Ooooh, what are these?"

Ez loved all of his toys!

The morning after. He can not get enough of this Elmo plane.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Ez!