Wednesday, October 22, 2008

4 years old

Bella woke me up yesterday morning asking, "Mom, am I four"? I just about cried realizing that she really is four and growing up so fast.
I sent her to pre-school wearing a button saying, "It's my birthday today" and with cupcakes to share with everyone.

For dinner, Grandma and Grandpa H and Tiff's family came over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. We had a good time.

Practicing in the house with her new rollerskates. I foresee broken bones in the near future.

Bella has taught me so much over these past four years about life, love, and what is most important. I get choked up just thinking about what a special little person she is. She tries hard to do what is right, she is a great big sister to Ez, she is smart, she makes us laugh, drives us a little crazy at times, and is so thoughtful. Just about everyday I find her making cards for her friends and she has been saying non-stop, "That was so nice of (so and so) to give me this". I'm so glad that she has a grateful heart. She is one incredible little girl! Love you, sweet Bella Joy!


Carlin said...

I love that stage when they love everything they do and get. It's so sweet she remembers who gave her what presents! And I love the cake, darling!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Four already? How does that happen? Sheesh! Happy Birthday to a sweet and very grown-up four year old!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

She is such a sweetie! Happy Birthday cutie pie. Remember who your favorite Aunt is...(I guess if I was the favorite I would have been on the ball and sent a card with cash! Those were always my favorite aunts)

KrisJ said...

Happy Birthday Bella girl! So cute and such a sweetie! It just doesnt seem like that long ago that I was babysitting a teeny tiny Bella! So sad!

Jami said...

Happy Birthday Bella! are the craft queen with those cakes. I am not even going to post pics of the cake I make for Allie next week!