Sunday, April 10, 2011

March Madness

At our house, it has nothing to do with basketball, rather the fun and exhaustion of spring break. Of course, I only have 1 of 3 kids in school, and she is only in half day kindergarten, so it isn't like spring break is that big of a deal yet but it was nice to not have a schedule for a week and to get the kids out and about more. We went frequently to the park, to the zoo, to jumpin' (jumpy castle place), lots of play dates with friends, and the kids had fun sleeping downstairs on the couches. (I don't know why that is fun except for it is different from the routine!) Other fun things that happened this month was celebrating daddy's birthday and a visiting leprechaun who left little green footprints that led to a pot of gold chocolate. Nothing like chocolate for breakfast...yum!

Oh, and Cali has started crawling out of her crib! What??? She is only a year and a half. We had the other two in cribs until they were 2.5 and 2, respectively, and neither one ever tried to climb out. I guess Cali has inherited Blaine's climbing skills. She also really enjoys being on the computer and on our cell phones. She regularly sends my friend text messages (and I am not joking!)

But, the real madness in the month came when I was out for a routine run and suddenly could not take another step with out excruciating pain. Turns out I have "overused" my feet this past year resulting in a stress fracture. Uuuuggggh!!! I am now sidelined for 6 weeks in a lovely boot. I'm starting to think that my body isn't a fan of running, what with the plantar fasciitis and stress fracture and all. But, I promise, I will never run another marathon again if I can just have decent feet to run a few miles on a few times a week. Is that too much to ask for? I've been a bit depressed about this whole thing!

Ezra the photographer and silly face maker.