Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camping Trip

Camping with friends is the only way to go! This was year 2 of what is now turning into an annual family/friends camping trip. It was a total blast! All the kids ran around outside like children should; getting dirty and dirtier but having a great, technology-free weekend. The adults enjoyed hanging out, talking, kayaking, playing horse shoes and pretty much just shooting the breeze. The location ended up being great, and we were able to include a nice, small hike to Adams Falls. The only downfall to this site is the limited capacity. I wish so many more families could have joined in on the fun.

The kids created their own little community complete with a fortress where they could hang out. The girls turned the fortress into a home by adding the finishing touches of a rock walkway and floral adornments. It was awesome to see them using their unbridled creativity.

The mornings were a little on the crisp side but that just made for good snuggle time with the kids.

One reason this trip was so relaxing for me was the fact that the big kids helped so much with my small kids; and my kids were in pure heaven with so much attention.

Good Mama Friends...

Good Daughter Friends...

Nichole was quite the trooper...I'm not sure I'd enjoy camping at 7 months pregnant but I never heard a word of complaint from her.

I love that this is turning into a tradition. Making memories with our kids and our friends that will last a lifetime...Priceless!