Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Timelines and Moments

Last night I was inspired to try a little harder at capturing the everyday real life moments on my blog. Traditionally I use my blog as a timeline. It is my earnest effort to “scrapbook” and “journal” the happenings in my family’s life. It is chalk full of pictures and a little less on the wordy side because I usually feel it is all I can manage in my busy days to even get the pictures up on the blog. I also get really bogged down in my linear way of thinking…ie: TIMELINE! But, I am going to take a few more moments every once in awhile to disrupt the TIMELINE and capture the MOMENTS.

Like tonight…The kids were restless in the house…I was trying to stay on top of the laundry, the dishes, helping with homework, refereeing the bickering, and trying to persuade a demanding and stubborn 2-year-old that she has “had enough candy today!” Frankly put, my kids were getting on my nerves. At 7:00 pm when Blaine walked in the door from work, I was ready to be done. Ezra had asked to ride bikes in the front yard so Blaine quickly ate some dinner and then we all headed outside. That’s when the magic happened…I breathed in the fresh air, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, and gained a new perspective on the evening. Suddenly my annoying kids were ADORABLE! I couldn’t get enough of Ez racing down our driveway with his training wheels or Cali looking oh so cute on her little pink and purple tricycle as she challenged me to a race and squeeled, “I’ve got to go fast!” And Bella’s constant peppering of questions such as, “Mom…would you rather eat a flower or a bug?” or, “Mom, would you rather get eaten by a dinosaur or get bit by an ant?” And Blaine on Bella’s razor and Bella on a princess bike until the two of them traded and then Blaine was on the princess bike and Bella on the razor. These are the MOMENTS that are worth remembering; the small details that color my life beautiful and bring me joy. These are the moments when I REMEMBER that I love these little buggers more than anything in the world and that even though most of the day is tedious, repetitive, challenging, and yes, even annoying at times, that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, Bella, if ever you ask me if I’d rather return to the life where I was paid and often thanked for a day’s work, when I could string 2 consecutive thoughts together with out interruption, where I could use the bathroom in private OR if I’d rather raise 3 little monkeys who challenge me, drive me crazy, and give me more love and happiness than I ever could have imagined…I choose YOU Bella, and YOU Ezra, and YOU Cali, and yes, YOU, too, Blaine! I’ll choose you everyday for the rest of my life. You make the moments magic!