Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sonia, our tree, and dialysis

Sonia and her two year old son, Andresito, joined us for the whole month in Southern Chile. Since she is a dialysis patient, it took some major coordination to make this vacation possible for her. But, she was able to connect with a dialysis center in a town near where we stayed and every other day she went for about 4-5 hours to get her blood cleaned out. I learned much about her illness on this trip and about how difficult it is to restrict her eating and especially her liquid consumption in between dialysis treatments. But Sonia is an awesome, faithful, positive person who endures her trials with out complaints and has hope that soon she will receive a new kidney.

Sonia once told me that she wanted to do three things in her life to leave a lasting legacy: 1) raise a child 2) plant a tree and 3) write a book. So here we are planting an apple tree on my parent's property. Now onto that book...

Sonia and Bella...buddies.

Sonia at dialysis.

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The Mohrs said...

I love strong women!!! Tell Sonia I'm sending good vibes her way.