Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Pics from Chile Trip

The little pool.

Pichanga. I didn't dare help Blaine with eating that since I was feeling nauseated that day and just looking at that made the queasiness even worse!

I did enjoy eating Cazuela de Ave a few times though. It is a really yummy soup that I always loved eating on my mission.

Me and my man.

My cute boys.

My parent's house is on a dairy farm. Here we are on our little walk to see the cows.

Sonia and I took Bella and Andresito to the circus one night. It was low budget but Bella loved it.

Bella became friends with the gardner's daughter, Valentina.

At the Santiago temple.

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The Mohrs said...

I'm going with you next time. It is just so beautiful and it just seems so peaceful, too.