Sunday, February 1, 2009

Princess of the Butterflies

My good friend Sonia was so great with the kids. Bella adored her and followed her around constantly. Bella with limited Spanish and Sonia with limited English became great friends. Sonia decided to make Bella a princess dress and when the dress was completed, we held a coronation ceremony to crown Bella the princess of the butterflies. It was so much fun and Bella really was in her very own fairytale.

A dress being tailor made and fit for a princess.

Once the dress was complete, Sonia sent Bella on a journey outside to gather four things before she could properly be crowned the princess of the butterflies. She had to find a flower, a leaf, a rock, and take a picture of a butterfly.

We played classical music as Bella made her grand entrance down the stairs.

Then Bella presented herself before Queen Sonia.

The Queen had to inspect all four objects to ensure that Bella was ready to be crowned the Princess of the Butterflies.

Having successfully completed her journey, Bella became the Princess of the Butterflies and was seated on her throne.

She received a certificate authenticating her as a princess.

A lovely photo of the princess and the queen.

The Royal Banquet after the coronation. Bella sat at her throne and drank pink milk as the rest of us paupers drank plain apple juice.

Then the princess decided it was time to take her new dress for a spin on the dance floor.

It was a fairy tale that came true.


Moose and Family said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great mommy!

KrisJ said...

OMGosh that dress is adorable!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time... we are so happy your all home!

The Burke's said...

Your kids are getting so big. Bella is absolutely beautiful and Ezra has gotten so big and handsome.

tamiz said...

Holy cow! That's a seriously fancy day! Who needs Disney princesses with that??? Love the baby countdown on your blog! That's so freakin' exciting!!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Could that be any cuter!?!?!?