Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock Star

Bella woke up one morning and announced to me, "I want to be a rock star." She then told me that she needed to dress like a rock star and ended up with a guitar shirt, jeans, and pink cowboy boots. Not bad. Then I tried to put a clip in her hair as the finishing touch before sending my rock star off to preschool when she gave me this condescending look and said, "Mom, rock stars don't wear clips!" "Oh, they don't?" I said. "What do they wear then?" She ran and found a pink bandanna and said "This." Who knew my little 4 year old was so in tune with rock star fashion? Anyway, you can be sure that we didn't leave the house with out first dancing around to Pink's song, "So What" and showing off some rock star moves.


Amy said...

Kids are too cute! Thanks for the information. I got an appointment with a GI doctor on the 16th. I hope everything is okay. Congrats on your pregnancy! I had no idea you couldn't get pregnant. I'm sure you are so excited. Best of luck!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

she is a rock star fo sho!

Moose and Family said...

Kaya has recently been talking about looking like a rock star. Where do they come up with this stuff??