Thursday, October 25, 2007

A better day

Today they took Ezra's tube out again and we will try feedings again tomorrow. We are hopeful that it will go better this time around. Honestly, feedings are the riskiest part about this whole process. If his intestines aren't ready, he could get a blockage in his intestines which could kill a portion of them and require surgeries to cut out what is dead and possibly to lengthen the intestines, etc. Or he could be allergic to the different formulas. There are so many variables. What we are hoping for is the following: 1) that he will take his feedings with a bottle and not have to have an NG tube down his nose 2) that his little body will tolerate the feedings and he won't spit/throw up the formula or bile and 3) that as he tolerates feedings, he can work up to a regular full feeding schedule and 4) that his bowels will work and he will start pooping. After all of that happens, our little Ez will come home. We expect this process will take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks.

Ezra was so smiley today as we held him. It was so obvious how happy and content he was with out the big tube down his throat. He looked so comfortable and like such a little angel. We just love this little guy. He is a bit camera shy though and hates the flash so we usually only get pictures of him asleep or with a really bothered or surprised look on his face. :)


Harris Family said...

Precious!!! Thanks for the update. We will keep him in our prayers!

AshbyFamily said...

We'll continue to keep Ezra in our prayers.