Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer of fun in Colo-RAD-o Part 1...

 This summer I fell in love with Colorado!  It only took 11 years but it happened!!!  To be honest, I have always really, really, LIKED Colorado!  I've always considered it to be the second best place to live, second only to Ventura County, California where Blaine and I both grew up.  I just couldn't let go of the desire I had to 1) live by the beach and 2) not have to endure cold and snowy winters.  But, something happened this summer...something magical...we spent all summer outdoors playing with our kids, enjoying the fact that they are all old enough to walk by themselves, to rock climb, to bike ride, to swim on their own, to ENJOY the outdoors...and VOILA!  I realized that I LOVE Colorado!  There is sooooo much to do here...right in our own backyards, so to speak.  It is beautiful and family and consumer friendly.  There are big, open, blue skies, with white puffy clouds, and green rolling hills, and beautiful accessible mountains.  California...I still love you...and I will always miss you and in my heart I will remain a California-girl...but I have finally moved on.  I have accepted Colorado as my own the place where my children were (mostly) born and all raised.  Colo-RAD-o is my home.  And I love it!  
First of many family hikes after the long winter.

O.K.  This is actually in Wyoming but it was only a 1.5 hour drive.  There is a moose in the thicket of trees behind the kids.

On our way up to the cabin in Estes park for a sleepover.  

All good road trips start out with a "drink run."  

Picnic in the mountains with friends

There is always time to get the kids on the rocks.  

And they are never too young to start!  

3 year old Cali made it to the top on her first try.  She cried a few times, we told her we would lower her, and she yelled,  "No!  I want to go to the top!"  That's my girl!  Stubborn and determined to tough it out.  

Love these kids!

Love this man and how he always gets us outside!

Bed time started out in their own room...

And ended up on our floor.  They were afraid of a bear breaking in.  After I told them that a bear couldn't break in, they went to bed.  Interestingly enough, only a week later, a bear broke in through a window and trashed the fridge and kitchen while getting into food.  Wow!  

4th of July parade with friends.

Bella in the parade

Friends on her gymnastics team after the parade

Lake time after the parade

And more fun with friends in the evening

A morning bike ride...I seriously thought I was going to die on this trail!  Blaine was very patient with me.  

At the drive-in movies with Grandma and Grandpa and Angus family.  It's a summer tradition!  We saw a few shooting stars during the movie...Cali kept wishing for unicorns.  

The kids have been entertained at Grandma and Grandpa's house mucho by the thrill of catching bunnies.  
This summer Blaine and I also got to lead our stake's 4th year girl's camp hikers on their overnight adventure.  We had fun hiking, rappelling, camping, crafting, and getting to know such phenomenal girls!

Allen's Angels

Mosse eyes!  
Vedawou is beautiful!
It was awesome to help the girls do something that appeared scary and was a challenge for them.  They had a blast.  

It wasn't a bad way to spend my birthday, either!  

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