Friday, July 26, 2013

Gluten-Free is the way to be!

After 4 months of total compliance to a GF diet, I am very happy to report that Blaine's follow-up testing showed a DRAMATIC improvement in health!  All of his levels that were troublesome (liver enzymes, cholesterol, iron, and more) are all in the NORMAL range now!  And after not being able to gain weight, he gained about 10 pounds right off.  He looks SO HEALTHY now!  People at work have even commented on how healthy he looks, with out even knowing the changes he made.  I am amazed at what havoc gluten was causing his body and by how eliminating it has improved his health more in 4 months than over the past decades of trying to figure it out.  We hope that our continued compliance will decrease his cancer risk and that he will continue to feel good and energetic like he does now.  He no longer needs to have iron infusions now that his body is actually ABSORBING the nutrients!  All of this news has made our kitchen and lifestyle overhaul totally worth it!  

Traveling is a wee-bit more difficult as many restaurants are not really gluten-free conscious or the risk of cross-contamination is really high even if they offer "GF" products.  Blaine went on a biking trip in April to Moab, Utah and Fruita, Colorado.  He made sure to pack lots and lots of his own snacks.  Thankfully places like Chipotle, Qdoba, Wendys, and Chick-fil-a make it easy to find safe, GF options.  Cafe Rio...not so much.  

He felt like he could ride forever with his new-found energy and health!

4 of the 6 guys that went on this biking trip

I love food and I love to bake and cook.  You would think that going gluten-free would be harder for our household but it honestly hasn't been that bad.  I love when I find a good gluten-free product that is yummy and all of my family enjoys it.    My friends pointed me to a really great flour called "Better Batter".  It is the least "gritty" of the flours I have used and I can bake all of my same favorites with this GF flour instead.  

Grandma Grow's Butter Rolls...GF style.  A Thanksgiving tradition that I don't have to give up.  

Costco carries this yummy marinade.  We like to make stir-fry with it.  

Jello-cookies, a la gluten free.  

One of our favorite Mexican recipes.  I just make sure all of the ingredients are GF, such as Victoria enchilada sauce.  This is a great "food storage" recipe to have on hand since all of the ingredients except the cheese are canned.  And I bet it would be good even with out the cheese.  

Yummy roasted vegetable medley.  

It really is mouth-watering chicken!

Shepherd's pie made with sweet potatoes/yams instead of white potatoes.  Yum-o!

We should seriously consider buying stock in General Mills due to our Chex consumption.  

Lasagne has never tasted better!  I love these noodles.  

The kids beg for this fish oil "treat".  

So we are feeling positive and happy that we are seeing results.  A little less processed food and a little more thoughtful planning and eating is hopefully adding years back to Blaine's life.  And for that, I am grateful to live in a time when eating gluten free isn't all that hard!

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Haley L said...

The title of this should really be gluten-free is the way to be if your wife is Tirsa! You have totally blown me away with your commitment to this lifestyle. You could be a resource to anyone who has to be GF. Super cute pics, too. :)