Friday, July 26, 2013

Miscellaneous catch-up blogging

The holidays are always so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures and memories from Thanksgiving through Easter...

Playing "Headbands" with the kids.  This particular game piece made us laugh so hard.  

That face is because I told her that she could not eat all of those Oreos for breakfast!

Baylor and Ezra
Super-hero friends.

Brynnly and Cali

Sweet sissys

"Look, Mommy!  I have a baby in my tummy."

Graduating from Nursery and becoming a Sunbeam!

Cali loves her "sweeties" at the library.  
It was a fun day when we surprised Bella and pulled her from school just to take the kids sledding!  

Days off from school means sleeping all three together on the couches downstairs.   I love how they love to be together.  

Is anything sweeter than this?

St. Patrick's day at pre-school.  We had a little, green visitor!

The same visitor came before the kids woke up, too.  


Daddy's birthday and the first gluten-free angel food cake that I made.  It was yummy and I've made several since!

Easter morning
It was hard to keep a straight face when I fed the kids cereal like this on April Fool's day!  

Bella's awesome family tree school project.  

Bella's depiction of "1 apple spoils the whole bunch" was chosen from the character council to go on display.
Bella also received an award at school for "Courage."  Way to go, Bella!  

Somehow a fun day at the zoo with friends turned into an ER visit for Cali.  Luckily Daddy was working and was able to treat her cornea abrasion.  
Cali said, "Daddy always takes care of me."  

How did she get to be so big???

And so dang cute!

After 8 years at our Eastview home, we sold our house and moved in April during the worst blizzard of the year.  

We decided to store most of our stuff in a pod and moved just a little bit of our stuff to Mom and Dad's house while our new house is being built.  Life was slightly chaotic during the whole showings/moving/end of school/commuting/sports season, snowy blizzards etc. time period.  The idea of summer was the only thing that kept me going!  

And just for fun, my BFFs and I did the night Rave Run in Denver.  

Eva and cute.  
Preschool fieldtrip.

Bella's fieldtrip to the Butterfly Pavilion.  The kids wore green hoping the butterflies would mistake them for trees.  

Their plan seemed to work!

Holding Rosie the tarantula.

Brave little 3-year-old!

And brave Mama!

Zoo fun.  

Ezra's soccer team.  Coach Ryan was the best!

How fun to be on the same team as BFFs Lyddie, Grace, and Sophie!

We requested Coach Justin again!

Bella was all over the field...surprisingly very aggressive on the soccer field!

I love how Cali plays with her dolls.  She is so imaginative!  

Pre-school graduation.  Lily, Evan M., Ezra, Evan Q., Eli, and Serenity.  

Tossing their caps!
I truly enjoyed teaching Ezra these last two years.  He is one special, sweet boy and I'm going to miss him when he goes off to kindergarten but he is ready so I guess I have to let him go.   

The Mom teachers and our students.  
Getting used to them.

The kids love to paint in Grandma and Grandpa's basement! 

There you have it.  The longest, most picture-packed catch up blog post...and I'm just getting started!  

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