Saturday, September 7, 2013

Allen Family Reunion 2013

Tyson and his family and Jess couldn't make it this year.  
Every 2 years we have an Allen family reunion.  We all take turns planning it and so this responsibility only comes around once a decade.  This year was mine and Blaine's turn to host and with such fun past reunions in places such as California, Mexico, Bear Lake, and the Utah mountains...we had a tall order to fill.  We decided to bring everyone to our neck of the woods and we held it in Winter Park, Colorado.  We had a great week and I feel so blessed to have gained, along with a great husband, such a fun, diverse, and loving family.

Awesome family, beautiful surroundings, a big house to hold us all under one roof, activities such as PVC gun making and wars (sorry didn't need that eye did you???), rappelling (we were the hosts after all!), hiking to Adam's falls, picnic by the lake, and a very fun day of alpine sledding and other Winter Park adventure pass  activities created this winning combination.  

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