Sunday, September 30, 2012

Denver Oyster Race

What is the Denver Oyster Adventure Race, you wonder?  It is a super fun, totally exhausting, crazy Saturday morning with 2 good friends where we went back and forth between running and biking around Denver while figuring out clues and completing challenges.  It is similar to the reality show, the Amazing Race, which is a show I have always fantasized about doing.  This particular race took myself, Cindy, and Michelle 4.5 hours in which we ran a total of 9.5 miles and biked a total of 24.5 miles.    I'm not going to lie...most of the race I saw this view...Cindy's backside as Michelle and I tried our best to keep her pace.  But, in our defense, Cindy was a nationally ranked snowboarder and is a total FEARLESS kick-butt athlete.  
 Here are Michelle and Cindy figuring out a clue and how to get to our next destination.

 One of our challenges was paddling across a lake.

 This race was the second time I had road-biked in...oh about... my entire life!

Sinking a ping pong into red solo cups of water is a lot more challenging than one might think!

 And here I am literally taking one for the team...eating a Rocky Mountain Oyster.  But, that was a small price to pay for the end result of finishing the race in 3rd place in the women's division!

What a surprise to come in 3rd place!  We were just out to have a fun, challenging day and about half way through the race, I started to realize that it appeared that we might actually be front-runners in the whole thing.  I tell you what...I might have been even more tired doing this than I was after running my marathon!  Because, not only was this a whole lot of running and biking, but it also required thinking and completing other obstacles, the biggest of which was keeping up with my teammate, Cindy!  It was fun and exhausting and I just might finally be over my obsession with wanting to run the Amazing Race now!  The whole morning as I pushed my mental and physical abilities to the point of total exhaustion, I kept thinking to myself, "I will NEVER do this again!"  And here I am writing this thinking to myself, "Tirsa...never say never..."

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