Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy little monkeys...

My 3 little monkeys have been busy with the start of school and new schedules. 

Miss Bella has started 2nd grade! She has a great new teacher and although her best friends are in other classes, she is doing her best to adjust.  She got glasses over the summer and I have been amazed at how responsible she has been with wearing them and taking care of them.  And as you can see from the picture below, Bella is quite the trend setter.  After she got her prescription glasses, two of her best friends went to Claire's and got "glasses", too.  So very cute!!!

Bella is growing up way too fast but I so appreciate her goodness, sweetness, and how she tries to be such a big helper.  I am so proud of the choices she makes and how she tries to be a good friend.  Bella is so special to me.  I miss her when she is gone at school and off at gymnastics and friends houses.  It seems like my time with her keeps shrinking, but I guess that is part of growing up.  

Luckily, I still get a lot of time with these other little monkeys.  Of course, they spend a lot of time playing at home while I do my chores, but on occasion we take walks and bike rides to the library or park or other places.  

Ez has started his 2nd year of pre-school.  I am doing the mother's co-op again so I get to take turns teaching his class.  It is time-consuming when it is my turn but I love being involved in his pre-school education.  It really is a lot of fun being his teacher.  
And Cali has started going to a rotating playgroup with some other little friends since she doesn't get to do pre-school this year.  And she has started going to gymnastics, which she loves.  Plus, she looks completely adorable in a leotard!

Blaine keeps busy with his long work days at the hospital and he manages to fit in some mountain biking when he can.  And me?  Well, I'm busy cleaning house, cooking meals, paying bills, running the kids here and there and everywhere, scheduling all of the doctors visits, fulfilling my calling in the cubscouts, and keeping the social calendar full.  I try to build into my days some runs and work outs at the rec center to keep myself sane.  My days are busy but my life is blessed!

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