Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ten years...and counting!

It's really hard to believe that it's been a DECADE since Blaine and I were married. No longer are we those young twenty- somethings going to school, building our careers, and trying to build our family. We are an established couple with an established career, an established family, and established in our community. I love where we are at. It feels good; it feels right. I'm not saying its always easy or it is with out struggle...I'm just saying that we have built something great together and simply put...I love it. We felt like a decade of marriage deserved a serious celebration so we booked our vacation to the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico. Thank you SO MUCH to my mom for being brave enough to spend a whole week with our little ones! We snuck an extra day onto our vacation by getting a hotel in Denver and going to the fabulous Les Miserables the night before we left. The last time we saw this show we were newlyweds! It was truly an incredible performance.

The beautiful city of San Juan. Super HOT and HUMID!!!

The old fortress. Very cool.

Luquillo Beach...such a fun, relaxing day swimming and sipping pina coladas. Loved it!

We basically had this beach all to ourselves for 3 days. It was so cool! Blaine snorkeled a lot and I lied around reading a book and basking in the tranquility and serenity of alone time!

These were all over our hotel grounds.

Our Bungalow...

Hiking in the Yunque rainforest. Awesome!

Last night in PR...beautiful!

Hurricane Maria was scheduled to hit Puerto Rico during our stay...WHAT??? This was an unexpected twist to our vacation. So, we headed to Wal-Mart along with, what appeared to be every resident on the island, to get provisions just in case we needed to hunker down in our hotel for a few days...Thank goodness Maria had a last minute change of heart and veered away from the island.

Roadside BBQ chicken and rice and beans. Watching that lady yield a machete to chop up the chicken was impressive.

I loved sampling the local cuisine. Toasted, cheesy bread and pastries for breakfast everyday...yum!

All the locals told us we had to have we did. It's mashed green plantains with shredded chicken. Not too bad.

Although we missed our kids like crazy, and we felt extremely guilty when we found out that Cali was sick, we had an awesome time together all week. It was a much needed vacation! Video chatting with the kids everyday was great and we are so blessed to have such great family and friends who took over for us in our absence. The only thing left to do now is plan our 20 year anniversary trip...actually, let's bump that up to 15 years...I don't think I can wait another decade!


Melanie said...

Love your comments and love the picture of you two at sunset. I might just have to steal your idea and plan for me and DJ to go...maybe for our 15th in two years! Thanks for sharing--I had been waiting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tirsa,

Thanks for the update, it makes me so happy to see you so happy. Loved the pictures and information, glad you could go and celebrate your wonderful marriage. love you. aunt linda

Haley L said...

Great update! Despite the sickies at home and the hurricane threat, I'm so glad it all turned out ok. :)