Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Seven

Miss Bella turned 7 this month. We told her that she could invite "a few" friends to go someplace special. Well, Bella has always been a girly girl and in the past, only girls have come to her birthday parties. But this year was DIFFERENT because her guest list was half full of boys. And so it begins, I guess...

We took the gang to Jumpin for an evening full of pizza, cupcakes, and well, jumping, of course!

Earlier that morning I volunteered in Bella's classroom and brought cupcakes to the kids. It was fun to see her in action at school. She really is a smart girl and I loved hanging out with her. It is crazy to see her really growing up...reading, spelling, doing math, helping out with the kids at home. Somehow my red-headed baby doll grew up on me! As she grows, so does her confidence. She is good at pretty much everything she work, artwork, and sports. Recently she started gymnastics and is really loving it. She keeps advancing quickly in the sport and I love watching her fearlessly do flips, bars, etc. She is one buff little mama. I love how our relationship is growing, too. I enjoy spending one on one time with her and in addition to being her lifelong (and beyond) mom, I hope we can be lifelong friends. I love my sweet Bella Joy!

The day before her birthday, I woke her up with surprise news. I told her that special friends were in town visiting and that she didn't have to go to school that day. She really enjoyed playing hooky from school and hanging out all day long with Hadlee and Travis.


Carli said...

Happy birthday Bella! Looks like a super fun party!

KrisJ said...

I cant believe she is 7! I remember watching her when she was just tiny! Happy Birthday