Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Fun

Family Bike Ride. Bella rode 5.5 miles by herself. She whined and complained a little but SHE DID IT!

What's so cool about a feather in your hair? I don't really get it but Bella and her friends were dying to have one. We took them to the beauty college where it was a "cheap" thrill.

Blaine has had his second iron infusion now. He has kicked his ice chewing addiction (PICA) and is starting to feel a little more energy now that he is iron man.
And next time you go through a McDonald's drive thru, drop some change into the Ronald McDonald home box, will ya? We were able to spend some time at the RM house in Denver with good friends who have their micro-preemie at Children's hospital for a few months. The Ronald McDonald home is a pretty amazing place, allowing families to stay and eat there for next to nothing so that they can be near their children in the hospital.

Well, I'm not quite sure if I am getting wiser but I am definitely getting older. Luckily for me, I have great friends who made me feel super special by taking me out to eat at my favorite place, Cafe Rio.

35 never tasted so good!

And then since we were in Utah on my actual birthday, I got to eat at Cafe Rio again! Yum!

And I ended the celebration that night with an ice cream shake whose size should truly be illegal.

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