Saturday, July 2, 2011

After the reunion...

We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days after the reunion where the fun continued with Steve, Kelli, and family...

We roasted marshmallows in the fire pit.

The kids couldn't get enough of playing with their cousins!

Mettea has alopecia, an auto-immune disease that makes her lose all of her hair. She used to have pretty red hair like Bella's. She has a wig but she doesn't like to wear it. I love her self-confidence in who she is! She put her wig on to go to church on Sunday and when Ez saw her, he said, "Tea! You found your hair!" It gave us all a good laugh.

Blaine taking Ez and Cali on a ride as he mowed Mom and Dad's lawn.

And not pictured is Blaine and I eating at In N Out a few times. Darn you double doubles!!! I'm going to be seeing you on my thighs, aren't I?!?


chanel said...

oh my goodness! THE FUN!!! and you are seriously my BFF for eating double doubles! THAT A GIRL! You are a REAL woman and I love it!!!!
(and vacation food does not count, so no worries, your skinny little runner thighs will be just fine)
The picture of you and Blaine hugging is soooo CUTE, I almost didn't notice Ez hugging Blaine's leg, which made the picture even CUTER!!! love that boy.
Makes me sad to not have you HERE on the 4th, but maybe we should plan for Thanksgiving NOW and we might get to hang out ONCE this year!?!?
Keep having fun!!!

Melanie said...

I love the pic with you and blaine...and ez on his leg--classic!