Saturday, July 2, 2011

Allen Fam Reunion at Bear Lake

Road Trip to Bear Lake

All of the Allens except Ryan, who is on a mission in Brazil.

Blaine and his brother Steve looking like twins. I almost mistook Steve for Blaine a few times...can you blame me???

Kati and I taking the kids to the park that they loved so much!

The kids LOVED tye dying our reunion shirts! It was also fun to see what the "reunion fairy" brought to them each day.

And miniature golf was a big hit!

Cali and I both got sick right when we got there so we rested in the afternoons while Dad, Bella and Ez played, played, played!

Just hanging out with family was so much fun.

Until next time Allen fam!!!

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Haley L said...

It is so fun for me to look at these pics and know exactly where you were. Looks like a great week (minus the fact you were sick). I'm impressed you did this update while on vacay. Bonus points for you. Now hurry home already!