Friday, July 16, 2010

Aspen Grove Family Camp

Top 10 Things that I loved about the Hamilton Family Reunion at Aspen Grove this year:
1) Hanging out with my siblings and their spouses
2) Seeing all of the cousins having a blast together
3) Having free time with Blaine while the kids were at their camp classes. We played racquetball, shuffleboard, frisbee golf, swam, read books, hiked, paint ball, and high ropes course. It was great!
4) Knowing that the kids were having a blast at their day camp classes (even Cali went into the daycare classes very easily).
5) The beautiful mountain scenery
6) The family Nerf gun war. We all came ready to was so fun!
7) BYU creamery ice cream (thanks Mom and Dad for treating us all to ice cream Monday night! Too bad you couldn't be there!)
8) Sneaking out of camp with my sisters and nieces to go see Eclipse on opening day
9) Eating at Cafe Rio and shopping with my sisters and nieces after the movie
10) The weather was great!

And a few things that weren't so pleasant:
1) The bed bugs (eew)
2) Half of the camp getting sick and throwing up, including Cali and Bella and all of my nieces and nephews.
3) The cost of camp

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