Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa's visit

We had a great time wiith Blaine's parents in town for a few days. We enjoyed a nice hike in the Boulder mountains. The day was beautiful although there was still a bit of snow on the trails. It felt AWESOME to be outdoors doing something active. I look forward to much more hiking this spring and summer. I think we better get another baby backpack though.

We also went to the Children's museum in Denver. The kids had a great time. Ezra was especially in heaven with the firetruck and the train area. Bella loved the art room. It was just a little too crowded for my liking though. Hopefully that was just due to spring break.

And as always when Mom and Dad come to town, things tend to get fixed around here. Within a few days, Blaine and Dad repaired the tire rim from Blaine's snowy fender bender, the dishwasher that pooped out on us, and our gas fireplace that hasn't worked one day in the 5 years that we've lived in this home. Now we can cozy up with a that the weather is warm! :)

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