Friday, April 2, 2010

Leprechaun footprints, a birthday, and some stinkin' cute kids

The best thing about childhood is believing in magical things. I always love an opportunity to do something special for the kids. On St. Patrick's day, the kids woke up to little green footprints that led them to a pot of gold (rolos) under a rainbow. Then the kids had pot-of-gold cereal (aka: golden grahams).

Another year older and another year wiser for Blaine. We celebrated multiple times with a dinner and bowling date (just the 3 of us...Blaine, myself, and Cali), a family dinner with the Angus family, and then the kids and I took him Argentine pizza and oreo truffles to his work on the actual day. I will now enjoy the three months that we are the same age before I become his elder.

Geez...who pinched the baby?

And now some happier baby moments...

I'm pretty sure a short person took this picture.

We took Bella and cousins Ellie and Grace to see Beauty and the Beast. Bella used her "dress up" shawl to make the evening extra special. It was so cute.

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