Thursday, December 31, 2009

A December Sum Up

My blogging has been lacking but there are a few things that I want to remember from this past month so a-blogging I go...

This is how cute my little critters looked for church on the Sunday before Christmas.

Ez all spiffy in his suit, Bella in her sparkly dress that left glitter and sparkles all over the church pew (woops!) and Cali all velvety smooth until 20 minutes into church when she had a major blow out!

So this is how she looked after her blow out! And I felt like a neglectful mom who dressed her baby in a sleeveless dress and no tights or shoes in our snowy weather. Just to set the record straight if you saw us at church...she arrived at church fully clothed!

Beema (my paternal grandma) came for Christmas this year, making it an especially memorable day. She will be 89 years old in March and I swear she hasn't aged a day in my lifetime! She is spry on her feet and in her mind. The kids really enjoyed spending time with her. Ez called her "Baba" and loved all of the attention she gave him. I enjoyed hearing her stories and it reminded me of how EASY we have it these days. A lot has changed in 89 years. My grandma was raised on a farm with out running water and when she was a young mom, she washed clothes by hand. I am so grateful to have all of the modern conveniences of our day but at the same time, I wonder how to teach my children the value of hard work and appreciating all that they have when everything comes so easily and all of our "stuff" is so disposable. Anyway, my grandma is one neat lady and I'm glad we were able to spend some time together.

Christmas Eve was spent with my sister and her family. Cousins Mark and Grace played the role of Joseph and Mary and Cali played the part of baby Jesus.

Christmas day was fun! The kids LOVED their toys. Ez was in train heaven, Bella got her dog that swims in water (I personally think it is a lame-o toy but she loves it), and Cali is loving her new bouncer thingy. I loved staying in my pjs nearly all day, taking a much needed nap, and spending time with my awesome family.

I also decided to cut my hair this month after MANY years of the long and straight style. I didn't go crazy and have even heard myself say out loud, "Is it SHORT enough?" January might bring a shorter style. (Sorry, can't find a good picture that really shows the cut).

A funny story that I want to remember is the thank you note that Bella wrote to Santa Claus on Christmas day. She asked Blaine to help her spell everything out. While he was spelling "stuff" he was picking up Christmas "trash" (wrapping paper, etc.) Afterwards he told me to come read Bella's letter to Santa. It read: Dear Santa, Thank you for all of the TRASH. (Instead of stuff). This was either a fraudian slip on Blaine's part or this is what Santa REALLY thinks about how his money was spent! Ha! We (Blaine and I) got a good laugh out of this one!

Something else that I want to remember about December is when Blaine and I went out to eat and had an anonymous person pay for our meal at PF Changs. That kind gesture touched my heart so much. I would have loved to have thanked our anonymous benefactor but since I can't, I will thank you, my blog readers, for all of your kind deeds that you do for people and I will try to do good things for others also. Sort of a way to "pay it forward".

And since today is the last day of 2009, I have found myself reflecting on this past year. was a good one. Sure it was hard with Blaine's work and school schedule BUT, for the most part, 2009 was an AWESOME of the best. Bella and Ez were happy and healthy, we got to add Cali to the family in a way I never dreamed imaginable, and Blaine graduated with his master's degree and got a new job this year. I can't imagine that 2010 will bring such landmark events BUT I always love a new year and all of the possibilities that it brings. So here's to a happy new year...let's make it a GREAT one!


Melanie said...

you're so cute...even if I don't find the time to make my own blog, I love reading yours!
Love the cut (you look a lot like me now!)

KrisJ said...

Happy New Year! Love the rolls on that baby! Maddie got that water dog too.. totally lame but keeps her happy!

cumberland branch said...

i'm so glad you had a great year! You deserve it!

Leslie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! It must have been wonderful to have your Grandma there.
Good Luck in your BL Competition!