Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa and Nains

Call me a mean mom if you will but I was a little disappointed that not one of my kids was screaming in terror in the Santa picture. Those always make for fun pictures.

As soon as I told Ez we were going to go see Santa today, he kept saying, "Nain! I want Nain". (Train) Once he saw Santa enter the library, he made a beeline towards him to request his train. He started crying when I told him he had to wait his turn. Once it was his turn, he jumped up right on his lap and said, "Nain!" When he got his little goody bag, he opened it up with great anticipation yelling, "nain, nain!" Poor kid thought he was going to get a train TODAY! He's an instant gratification kind of two year old. You know the type.

The UPS man nearly ruined the surprise by dropping off the big train set with said train set pictured right on the outside of the box. Bella was with me as I answered the door and she saw it. After a few little lies about the UPS man dropping off some other kids toy to the wrong house and now we have a great idea of what to ask Santa to get Ez, Christmas morning has been salvaged and I think it will be a HUGE success when our train obsessed little boy wakes up to find his much anticipated train under the tree.

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