Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010

In January Blaine officially started his new job as a NP in the Pediatric section of the ER. He loves his new job as a provider and he loves working specifically with the children. After 5 years of working the graveyard shift, he is finally working days/evenings. Surprisingly this new schedule has been an adjustment for all of us but being able to sleep in his own bed every night has been so much better. He is finally catching up on years of lost sleep. (I, on the other hand, am still sleep deprived but I think such is the life of a Mom, no matter how old the kids are!) He also passed his certification boards in January and can see patients and write prescriptions on his own. Clearly there are benefits to having someone trained like he is as a daddy and with the kids experiencing a range of sicknesses during January, Blaine's expertise has come in handy quite a bit...and no more unnecessary co-pays.

Recently I have discovered how fun it is the buy the girls matching clothes. Bella is way into this right now so I am capitalizing on the small window of opportunity when she actually thinks it is cool.
Aren't they cute?!?

And as you can see, Cali is growing well. We started her on rice cereal and baby food this past month and so far she hasn't met a food that she doesn't like. She hasn't even made one sour or surprised face with any new food! We call her chubbalicious, chunky monkey, mi chanchita...it all works. We love the chub. This past month has been one of the most enjoyable months with her. She laughs and smiles and coos and goos. She is playing with toys, taking better naps, and just seems to be enjoying life so much more. (Have I ever mentioned how difficult of a baby she has been???) She still ends up in bed with me most of the night but that has just become a norm now and somehow I've learned to sleep with a little munchkin always near me.

And I just had to post this cute picture of Ezra. He is most often this happy of a kid. Of course, he is two-years-old so he isn't immune to grumpiness but generally he is one fun little guy. He is starting to talk so much more and he loves his sisters.

And speaking of sisters...this is what happens when you are sandwiched between them. You like to put on their sparkly church shoes and their necklaces while playing with their tinkerbelle flashlight and you wonder why they get all of the bling? It just doesn't seem fair, does it Ez? (Someday he is going to be mad at all of the "girly" pictures I've taken of him...)

Oh, and January has also been full of painting the house...lots and lots of painting. So much so that who has even had time to take pictures of the painting? Certainly not me! And guess what February brings? Thats right... more painting!


Moose and Family said...

Congrats to Blaine. I wouldn't mind having my own NP here at our house. In the last week, we've spent $45 on copays and about $10 in prescriptions. UGH!! Don't forget to post pictures of the painting!! :)

Howard and Karleen Hamilton said...

The children are precious and the pictures certainly prove it! How fun to see the"munchkins"! Kris did a marvelous job! Best wishes with the painting.
Love, Mom and Dad