Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

3 Joys

Snuggling with Bella in the morning when she gets into bed with us to wake me up.

Hearing Ez laugh and watching him grow and develop. He doesn't even seem like the same baby that was born 7 months ago with so many problems.

Watching Blaine play with the kids.

3 Fears
Getting stuck in Salt Lake City on our layover to Hawaii...we are flying stand by and I am getting NERVOUS!!! This wouldn't be so bad since we were planning on going to Utah anyway except that all of our luggage will be on its way to Hawaii and we have non-refundable hotel accommodations.

My children and or Blaine getting seriously sick, hurt, or dying.

Getting old.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
I guess I have become obsessive about my family wearing matching clothes to big events (see pictures from court and the temple).

I am a little obsessive about recycling. If I see that someone has thrown something recyclable in the trash I'll take it out (at my own house, that is) and throw it in our recycling bin in the garage.

Those box tops for schools. This is another thing that I get bugged about if someone throws a box away with out cutting that stupid little box top off. I give them to my sister for her kids school and I don't know why I am so obsessive about collecting it but I feel like it is throwing money away if I don't cut it off.

3 Random Surprising Facts About Myself (Haven't I already divulged everything about myself on this blog???)

Tirsa means "desire" in Hebrew.

My brother shot me with a bee bee gun when I was younger and I never even told on him until we were much older.

I have eaten cow tongue and cow intestines. Yuck and super yuck.


Jami said...

Oh, and you have been tagged again, well Bella has. Check my blog out, it is a fun one.

Julie said...

Thanks for doing your tag!!!

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

oh well I guess one of your fears came true...sort of. I mean I guess you weren't stuck in SLC, but I hate that you didn't make it all the way to Hawaii. Cali is a good second choice though. Hope you have fun!

The Burke's said...

Have fun in Hawaii. It is so much fun. I'm glad I am not the only one who is obsessed with recycling. For Ryan's rehearsal dinner I set up my own (they did not have one) recycling area and made everyone put their cans in there.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear your HA trip didn't work out. At least you get to see Heather and Nick. You should teach Heather to blog while you are there..... :)