Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why not?

O.K. So, everybody's doing it...Here is my list.

4 Jobs I've had

1) Hostess at Red Lobster (all the free, yummy, garlic, cheese biscuits. Thankfully my 16-year-old body had decent metabolism back then).
2) I can't remember the title but I worked in lots of different group homes while in college. Usually they were group homes for people with disabilities. I LOVED this job! I also worked in a youth shelter and I loved that, too.
3) Therapist
4) Adoption Social Worker

5) Bonus Round: MOM!!!

Movies I've watched over and over

1) Clueless
2) Music and Lyrics
3) Bourne Identity Series
4) Good Will Hunting (I only watch the t.v. version that we taped because all of the swearing is taken out. This is a great movie, especially for a social worker!)

Places I've lived (I only get 4 slots for THIS one??? I'll choose my favorites...Note: Utah did not make the list! Sorry all my Utah friends...I still love you.)

1) California
2) Hawaii
3) Jerusalem
4) Chile

Shows I watch

1) Biggest Loser
2) Amazing Race
3) 20/20
4) The Office

Favorite Things to Eat (On or off a diet because the list really changes?!?)

1) Roasted Almonds
2) Cafe Rio or Costa Vida
3) Chocolate Chip Cookies
4) Panda Express orange chicken and noodles

Places I'd rather be

1) On a beach in Mexico
2) On a beach in California
3) On a beach in Hawaii
4) On a beach in Chile

Things I look forward to this year

1) Taking Ez to the temple to be sealed to us
2) Going to Mexico
3) Going to Chile
4) Warmer weather


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Colorado didn't even make the list!!! I guess you don't love living there so you might as well move to GA. There had better be salsa, beaches and burritos in heaven! ha ha.

estanworth said...

Do you want to be on beach? I wasn't sure. Loved it.

AshbyFamily said...

Utah wouldn't make my list either!