Friday, February 8, 2008

100 things

If you are sick of reading about me...don't read on. I have enjoyed reading everyone's 100 things list so I thought I'd give it a whirl...

1. Blogging is one of my escapes
2. Blaine is my best friend
3. I love the way Ez stares at me all day and tracks my every move
4. I hope Heavenly Father is preparing 2-3 more babies for me
5. I love the baby stage
6. I can't wait until my kids are teenagers and I hope they will want to hang out with me every once in awhile (am I delusional?)
7. I am not a good housekeeper nor do I think I am very creative
8. I am very responsible and a woman of my word
9. I don't do well with flakey people
10. I prefer email to telephone calls
11. My children's birthparents are my greatest heroes
12. I was somewhat of a gypsy during my college years and I had 41 roommates before I got married. This is including my missionary companions and this is only counting my repeat roommates (like Jenn and Kristi) one time each.
13. Going on a full-time mission for the church was one of the best decisions I ever made.
14. I have lived with a lot of "psycho" roommates (of course, that isn't the clinical term for them but I wasn't a therapist when they were my roommates and so the only term I could come up with back then was "psycho".) So, even though I now have some ideas as to the mental illnesses they may have had, "psycho" remains the way I remember them.
15. I played soccer in high school
16. I was voted most talkative and class clown in 6th grade
17. Apparently I turned in my quick wit and incessant talking for hairspray and make-up the next year because I was voted most attractive in 7th grade (I still laugh about that one)
18. I love Blaine's surfer/skater/don't-care-about-how-other-men-my-age-are-dressing style
19. Having been inside many people's heads, homes, and marriages through my various work, I am grateful to know that I have a solid, healthy marriage
20. I used to be more adventurous than I am now
21. I didn't start eating my vegetables until I got married
22. I LOVE vegetables
23. I enjoy baking and feel the desire to do it most on Sundays and rainy days
24. Even though I always have to correct the pronunciation and spelling of my name, I love having a unique first name
25. I had a major crush on the Blaine character in the movie Pretty in Pink
26. I love to travel but I equally love being home
27. I am not high maintenance
28. I enjoy connecting with old friends
29. I love being in my 30's
30. I love being a part of the adoption community and feel a connection with other adoptive families
31. The scariest and most dreaded church calling for me became my absolute favorite calling I've ever had (Gospel Doctrine
32. I love Mac computers
33. I think Bella has the most beautiful, red hair
34. Certain noises can really set me off (ice chomping and loud eating are the top 2)
35. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be
36. I didn't really think I was that smart in college and so I surprised myself when I decided to pursue a Master's degree
37. My perfect day would be on a beach, sipping a virgin pina colada, soaking in the rays with my family
38. I love the conversations Blaine and I have when we have time to really talk like in the car on a road trip or at dinner
39. I love Blaine's family and feel blessed to have such great in-laws
40. I support my parent's decision to build a house in Chile and am happy they are enjoying their retirement
41. I binge on chocolate much more than I'd like to admit
42. I hope that when I die people will remember me as being a genuinely good person
43. I think I have a nice smile
44. I had braces on and off 3 times from the 3rd to the 8th grade
45. I was boy crazy growing up
46. I thought Michael Jackson was totally hot when he was young and black
47. I'd like to take guitar lessons someday
48. I am a loyal friend
49. I don't initiate many phone calls but I always appreciate a phone call from a friend
50. I become emotional quite easily with movies and books
51. Blaine and I applied to be contestants on the Amazing Race when we were first married
52. I don't like relationships that seem to require a lot of work. I really enjoy my friendships that just naturally fall into place with out a whole lot of work.
53. I don't like the whole "keeping up with the Jones'" mentality and I try not to fall prey to it
54. I like straightforward, genuine people. Blaine is definitely one of those people. He is with out pretense.
55. I hope to raise my children in a way that they will be grateful for all that they have and have compassion for those who have less.
56. I want my kids to be nice to everyone. Blaine and I always say that if we hear our kids are the ones teasing others at school or what not, we will definitely not be o.k. with that. They don't have to be best friends with everyone but I do want them to be nice to everyone.
57. I would like to read more books
58. I am not very technologically savvy but I get by
59. I do not look forward to helping kids with homework
60. I am grateful that my parents encouraged me to travel and see the world before I settled down
61. I have a serious weakness for diet dr. pepper and coke zero
62. I miss living in California but I think we will most likely stay in Colorado forever
63. I am amazed at how much Blaine does on such little sleep
64. I love watching Blaine and Bella play together
65. I would eat out at Cafe Rio every day if I could. Since there isn't one in Colorado, I guess I can't. But, Costa Vida is the next best thing and we go there every first Tuesday of the month!
66. I often feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings in my life such as being born in the United States and having the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. With those two things alone, I know I have lived a privileged life.
67. I love to laugh until I cry
68. I love to snuggle with B, B, and E.
69. I love to win at bunco
70. I love taking walks in the spring, summer, and fall (I am sooo missing my walks right now)
71. I love reality shows but I try to only watch one or two a season.
72. I don't watch any t.v. that is violent, and only watch the occasional movie with violence such as The Bourne Identity series
73. I love watching my kids interact and have fun with their cousins
74. I think I got a good married last name and I feel bad for my friends who got, shall we say, unfortunate last names when they tied the knot
75. I would love to bungee jump someday
76. I get totally freaked out under water, such as snorkeling
77. I convinced Blaine to go to a Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift concert with me this summer (that is a big accomplishment)
78. I have gone to alot of concerts in my life even though I don't go to them very often anymore
79. I am very rarely surprised by things but I wish I were more
80. I hate wasting food but I'm trying not to "waist" my food, too
81. I don't really understand blogger etiquette. When someone asks me a question on my blog, am I supposed to answer back on my blog or go to theirs and answer back?
82. I try to be an easy person to get along with
83. I enjoy quiet nights at home watching a movie and eating popcorn
84. I really like dark chocolate
85. I enjoy shopping for Christmas presents and I get started very early and am usually finished by December 1.
86. I love the excitement of Christmas and I enjoy decorating the house. But, I strongly dislike putting everything away after Christmas is over and I always want it done by January 2.
87. I learned very important things from my boyfriends before I was married and I believe that I am a better wife because of previous relationships.
88. I get embarrassed when I cry in front of people
89. I fell head over heels for Blaine when he came to pick me up for our 5th date and I opened up the door and saw him standing there. Prior to that, I just thought he was o.k.
90. I feel so appreciative when someone has been kind and thoughtful towards me and my family
91. I think Blaine looks hot in his scrubs
92. We have no medical explanation for our infertility
93. I don't understand how anyone could say that they could never love an adopted child "like their own"
94. I hope to go on a mission again someday with Blaine and I really hope that it is Spanish speaking again. I also have nightmares every once in awhile that I am back on a mission.
95. I love the Spanish language and I love Hispanic cultures.
96. I enjoy keeping in contact with my Chilean friends and I consider Sonia to be one of my very best friends
97. I haven't scrapbooked in about 6 years. The thought of it actually totally overwhelms me.
98. It is really late
99. I should really be in bed
100. Good-night


Harris Family said...

That was one of the most entertaining things I have read in awhile (I would also like to have more time to read:)). Thanks for sharing!!!

Amy said...

I loved your list! It was fun to learn more about you. We really do have quite a lot in common... (and I can totally relate to #34!)

Carli said...

Great job on the list! It was fun to see how much we have in common. :) I had a blast with you last night -- it is so fun getting to know you better. You totally rock!!

KrisJ said...

Loved the list and you should add #101 great at signing papers OVER AND OVER for friends!! And hey if you ever find someone to take guitar lessons from let me know I already have the guitar too!

Elaine said...

Tirsa this was way fun to read. I just love you! I hope that doesn't freak you out!

Lisa said...

How fun to read that. It made me think of the Brookes and Dunn concert we all went too.....Ahh back in the day!

Jeremy&Emily said...

What a great way for people to get to know you better! I can't believe you came up with 100, that would be really hard! I'm glad you did though, I feel like I know you better now. Actually, 44 of the items on your list are things I would put on mine (if I made one). I didn't know we had so much in common! :)

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

well, love the list. How much time did that take. I thought about doing one for about 5 seconds (my attention span) and then decided against it. Really it is a fun list to read though.

estanworth said...

Hey- great job! You are one of the neatest people I know! I know you like to win at Bunko- too bad it doesn't happen more often! :)

Perky's Posts said...

Hey I hope I'm not one of those psycho roommates you were referring t. :) Christy

Kirsten said...

I loved Blaine from Pretty in Pink as well...I have to confess to an even bigger crush on his scumbag friend Steffin...I know I have issues...perhaps you can 'therapitize' me into normalcy ;-)