Monday, December 17, 2007

I've been tagged

Jami tagged me...So, here are 6 little known facts about me. I hope I don't bore you with the details...

1) I am what I affectionately call a “Latinga” (Latina/Gringa). Yes, it is true…I have absolutely no Latin blood coursing through my veins but I love the Hispanic cultures. My favorite vacations are in Mexico. I love Mexican food, I love speaking Spanish, and I LOVE to listen to Spanish radio. Catch me in my car, and you can be sure I’ll be singing along to Mana, Juanez, or Shakira. Every time we vacation in Mexico, Blaine and I always find ourselves scheming to move to the Mexican coast. Only problem is…dinero. How can we make REAL money in Mexico? Any ideas?
2) The first one kind of goes along with this one…I love to sing in the car. I feel so free when I am driving and I love to blast the tunes. Blaine used to always tease me that someday I was going to end up on that t.v. show where they rig your car with a video cam and catch you grooving out. I’m sure I’d provide many laughs…I can bust a pretty good move in a moving automobile, too. (Jami…how come we never took a road trip together? Sounds like we would’ve had a blast!)
3) I think I have blonde hair. When we moved to Colorado our first year of marriage, Blaine and I had to get new driver’s licenses. When he saw me writing “blonde” for hair color, he started laughing and told me I don’t have blonde hair. I was shocked and this created a total identity crisis. I had always considered myself blonde (because I WAS) and I didn’t even realize I was going brown. So, in an effort at identity preservation, I get my hair highlighted. But, I have finally started to admit that I have LIGHT brown hair. ☺
4) I know where every gas station is in a 100 mile radius that carries diet dr. pepper as a fountain drink. And, the really good ones have the super small ice chips. Diet DP is my favorite “adult beverage”.
5) I switched colleges/Universities 7 times while completing my degrees! Here’s how it went down: a few classes at Ventura college in high school, Ricks college for a year, BYU Hawaii for a semester, BYU Jerusalem for a semester, BYU in Provo for a year, went on a mission to Chile for a year and a half, back to BYU in Provo to graduate. And then number 7 was the University of Utah for a Master’s Degree. But, don’t worry, I have vowed to NEVER go back to school again. Yep, I’m getting dumber every day and I love it. ☺
6) I know I’ve already written about music but I LOVE it. I am very eclectic in my music taste. Besides Latin music and regular pop, I love country music. Blaine is disgusted with this side of me and told me that I deceived him when we were married. The truth is, I liked country music in high school but I stopped listening to it until last year. True, there are some twangy and otherwise stupid songs in the country genre which I don’t particularly enjoy, but I just switch it to another station when they come on. So, yeehaw, ya’ll...I like me a little Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and Kenney Chesney. You gotta problem with that?

So, I will now tag...ALL of you who haven't done this yet...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...


Steve and Kelli Fam said...

Tirsa I think its hilarious that you thought you were blonde!!!! Were you blonde as a child? I would even classify you as a medium brown at the least. Sorry babe. Join my world! Steve turns a deaf ear when I listen to a country song. He pretends its not happening. ha ha.

Alison said...

is a drivers liscence really a true representation of ourselves ever??? mine still says the weight i was when i got married--because i know someday i'll be back to that. maybe. hopefully.

i think you need to load up an ipod or something for blaine w/country music goodness--he'll love it!! :)

KrisJ said...

You are so funny! And all your unknown stuff is adorable!