Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Tiff's family and went home to our house to sleep.

Two tired Santas.

The next morning, we were up super early with Ez but Bella still hasn't figured Christmas out completely yet and so she slept until 9:00 (we had a late night). When she finally did wake up, she took the time to get into a skirt before coming out of her room. So, no pictures of her cute, new Christmas Eve pjs.

Bella got her pink purse and a Bella Dancerella from Santa.

Trying out her new sleeping bag for sleepovers with her cousins. She was so excited!

Ez actually smiled at his Santa gift. (The picture is a bit dark though).

Mine and Blaine's parents spent Christmas together in Chile. We were glad that they were together but a bit bummed that we weren't with them!


AshbyFamily said...

I love the santa suit on Ezra. Bella is so cute!

KrisJ said...

The kids look adorable and Im glad you guys had a good Christmas with your little guy home and doing well!

estanworth said...

How cool that your parents spent the day together! How soon until Ezra gets to see Chile?

Blaine and Tirsa said...

Erica...If I have my way, Ez will see Chile next Christmas!

Elaine said...

Oh incredible cuteness!!! I hope you had a great Christmas Tirsa!