Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did she really say that???

Yep, it's true. Enough is enough. Bella has had it with Ez... Here's our conversation...

Bella: "Mom, let's get a baby sister."

Tirsa: "Well, maybe we'll get one when you and Ez are bigger."

Bella: "Um, well, maybe you can take Baby Ez back to the hospital and get a baby sister."

Tirsa: (Totally busting up, and not quite sure what to say).

Bella: (Buries her head and starts to kind of cry because I am laughing).

No worries though. She bounced back quickly and was saying how cute he is and that she loves him within the hour.

Frankly, I'm surprised she lasted a whole month with him home before wanting to give him the boot.


KrisJ said...

That is to funny, didnt we all want to trade our siblings in?? I know I did I would have traded my brothers for a bag of chips!

AshbyFamily said...

Ahh Sibling's short lived!

Brigit said...

A month is quite good. Tyce was asking to take Abbie back to the hospital after just a week.

Steve and Kelli Fam said...

That is hilarious!!! I love it.

Hawkley Family said...

Hope that you are writing all these things down. This is good stuff for later on. ha ha