Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Catching Up...

This spring Ezra and Bella both played soccer. I know that I am a bit biased but I thought that they were the cutest little soccer stars on the field!
Bella got to play on a team with two of her best friends, Kara and Grace.
We usually went straight from gymnastics practice to Bella's soccer game and I think sometimes she got a little confused at to what sport she was doing!
Bella really fell in love with soccer and much to our surprise, was totally aggressive on the field. I had to laugh at myself for how "into" her games I got. I was totally one of those moms yelling and cheering from the sidelines. It caught even myself off guard! I guess it's easy to cheer for a sport that I actually understand.
Here is Bella at the district wide art show where her clay ladybug was on display.
This is the Disneyland jar that we started in December. We've all been good about putting change into the jar and choosing not to get something here and there and adding that money to the jar, also. I love that when we go to Disneyland the kids will really feel like they had a part in earning this trip.
At our garage sale, the kids sold candy and lemonade to add to the Disneyland jar.
Boy, they clean up well!
This is one tired little girl!
And one happy little girl.
And sometimes Cali and I just need to enjoy some chocolate strawberries together!
And here I am with the kiddos, plus Kara, at an adoption awareness race that FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) put on. Blaine had to work and it was on a very cold and rainy Saturday BUT it was sooooo much fun! Bella ran the kids 1 mile "fun run" by herself and I ran the other two in the stroller. I hope to support this race and this cause every year...afterall, it is through adoption that I am so blessed as a mother!
Recently I got to meet my future sister-in-law and help her as she plans her wedding. We visited the venue where the wedding will be held and we wedding cake tested.
It was a rough job but SOMEBODY had to do it! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this, Meagan! Rial and Meagan will be married in October.

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