Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cali's Breakfast

Cali helped herself to breakfast this morning while I was upstairs getting ready. Ezra ratted her out by yelling to me that Cali got into some chocolate. Once I cleaned her and the mess up, I went back upstairs to finish getting ready. That's when I was informed that she had found my "emergency stash" of suckers in my purse (emergency equals grocery shopping with three crazy kids in need of bribery). I love how she unwrapped all 7 suckers and turned them into a bouquet.

Course 1: Baker's Chocolate

Course 2: A bouquet of suckers

This girl can sniff out and find sugar from a mile away!

Tomorrow I'm going to start her day off right with a bowl of wheaties.


chanel said...

dude, she's my kind of girl! thats what happens when you give them snap peas for a snack! im just saying. ;)

Elizabeth said...

love it! That is hilarious! I love the bouquet of suckers too!

Jessie and kids said...

it's good to know I'm not the only one who craves a little chocolate first thing in the morning!

Nichole and Jeremy said...

That is adorable! We all need a morning sweet every once in awhile!