Monday, May 2, 2011

Bella's dance recital

We put Bella in ballet/tap dance this year. Every Tuesday she complained about having to go. I told her she could quit dance when this year is over. Afterall, I certainly don't want to waist money on something she hates. Imagine my surprise then, when at her dance recital I realize that she is a SHINING STAR!!! She is really good. And not only is she good, but she exuded CONFIDENCE and grace while performing. My reserved and shy little girl was transformed on the stage. She smiled and executed her routine VERY WELL. Dare I brag a bit??? She was the best one in her class! All of the other kids were looking to her to help them remember the routine. And I think she was bit by the performance bug because she is now begging me to take dance again next year. She loved putting on make-up and getting into her fancy costume. Even though I really don't like glamming my 6 year old up like that, I figure once a year is doable. Anyway, see for yourself how well she did on the video below. I apologize for the fuzziness at some points...I'm an amateur with amateur equipment afterall.

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Haley L said...

She really did shine and she really has the ballerina look. Something about her high cheek bones and oval face. :) I gave her a huge hug on Sunday and told her I was proud and she was still beaming.