Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bahama Mamas

Things I’ll remember:

-Non-stop chatting and fun with my sisters.
-Bingo and telling a persistent bar-tender that “we’re all pregnant”.
-Sleeping deeper than I have in a long time.
-Crying the night before I left because I was going to miss my kids…And then thinking, “Kids? What kids?” the very next day.
-Feeling like I was in an alternate universe with my sisters…not a care in the world.
- CocoCay: A make believe island (Royal Carribean owns it) but a restful, relaxing day in the sun.
- Nassau: Most beautiful aqua water and white sand.
-The bartenders snubbing us whenever we asked for a soda from our pre-paid soda package.
-Eating more than necessary and somehow still being bothered that the windjammer was closed at certain hours.
-Time? Time didn’t seem to exist.
-Sweet, fun, boisterous Sally.

A few thoughts I’ve had upon returning:

-“When will the room stop swaying?”
-“Who’s bright idea was it to run a marathon a week and a half AFTER a cruise?.”
-“I’m so glad that I have sisters whose company I enjoy so much.”

A tip for those of you who may consider going on a cruise to the Bahamas with your sisters:

-Be sure to leave valuables behind (such as a husband and children you love). Otherwise…you may never go back home!

Speaking of those left at home...they were having lots of fun with their daddy. Blaine did his best to make it a fun weekend. Here are some pics of them driving in "the swagger wagon" and of their camping trip in our living room.


Haley L said...

First of all, you look AMAZING! I can't get over the color of that water or the sand. It looks like it was just a perfect 3 days (just not long enough!). And, I promise you will be FINE on March 5th. You've worked hard--don't forget that!!

Lisa said...

Tirsa, you are so lucking you have great sisters to hang out with! what a wonderful trip!

Jessie and kids said...

i love that you girls prioritize the sister time! That's perfect! I'm glad you had a great time! Good luck on the race!