Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick trip to Texas

Blaine had a conference for work in Fort Worth, Texas in November. Because Mom and Dad A. were able to watch our kids, I got to tag along. I was sick with a nasty head cold so I pretty much laid low in the hotel during the day (I loved it!) and then Blaine and I headed out in the evenings for some fun. We are so grateful that Mom and Dad dropped everything so that we could have a little getaway. Dad even celebrated his 70th birthday watching our kids. One thing is for sure...our kids are either going to keep you young or speed up the aging process!

Playing memory with a 6 year old and a 3 year old keeps a brain SHARP!

When in Texas...ride a bull, right?!?

We stayed in the old Stockyards.

All of the following pictures are of Billy Bob's...the world's largest Honkey Tonk! Yes, that is right...we went to Billy Bob's (now that is just fun to say!) 2 nights in a row where we line danced, listened to live music, and watched professional bull riding. I was seriously impressed with not only Blaine's WILLINGNESS to line dance, but with how GOOD he was! And, I was a little surprised at how much I ENJOYED the professional bull riding show. I can't wait to see another one!

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