Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas has come and gone...

But I hope the magic feeling that Christmas brings of love, excitement, happiness, a belief in something good...I hope that those feelings will linger and that my kids will grow up with memories of a fun-filled, love-filled childhood.

Santa brought Bella a razor scooter,

and Ezra an extension to make his train track an 8 track,

and Cali this turtle bouncy, toy thingy.

Ezra also received a spiderman snow mask and spiderman slippers. He kept the mask on as he opened up all of his presents and made us call him spiderman all day. :)

Christmas day was so warm and sunny, we took the kids to the park practically dressed in summer clothes. It reminded me of Christmases growing up in CA.

Even though you can't see his mouth, you can tell that Ezra, er, uh, I mean Spiderman, is smiling because of his eyes. So cute!

Since Cali is also allergic to dogs, this dog that moves, talks, and grows might be the closest she'll ever get to a pet puppy.

And when Ezra isn't playing the role of spiderman, he can be found playing the role of batman, thanks to his new cape that Grandma A made him. Blaine specifically asked his Mom to make the kids some capes because he remembers how fun it was running around his house with his cape on. I remember underroos quite fondly myself! Bella uses her cape more like a princess cloak and Cali runs around with her's on but I don't think she knows why!

The morning after Christmas, Ezra was sooooo exhausted that he came down stairs, said he only wanted blueberries for breakfast and then promptly fell asleep at the table.

And we've been having lots of family fun while Bella has been out of school and Blaine has had a few days off. We took the kids ice skating. Bella LOVED it and Ez endured it for about 5 minutes before he was done!

And tumbling towers has become a nightly family ritual. We put Cali to bed and then play a few games because the family that plays together stays together...right?!?

I love my family!


Jessie and kids said...

yay for good times and happy memories!

Haley L said...

Christmas may have gone, but you have fun times ahead to look forward to. :) You got some great Christmas pics that show pure bliss on the faces of those cute kids.