Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ezra!

It has already been 3 years since our little Ez-Man joined our family. If you know this little guy, you know that he is pure sunshine and smiles. He has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. No matter where we go, he is the first to make friends. He gets so excited about everything and his sweet nature melts hearts everywhere we go. He calls Bella "sweetie" and Cali "little princess" or "buttercup". He is too cute. Lately he has been saying, "Mommy, you're my best buddy." I just love this boy! I am so blessed to be his mom. He is still into trains big-time so I made him a simple Thomas cake, and he got lots of Thomas the Train toys and tracks. He has been in train heaven.


Lisa said...

There is just something special about little boys and how sweet they are. My girls were sweet, but Isaac is like overboard sweet and I love it! They are so good for our egos! I hope they never change! Happy birthday Ez!

Moose and Family said...

Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Ez! He is a cutie. Love the cake!!