Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet 6th!

For Bella's 6th birthday, we celebrated with a candyland theme. That has been our favorite board game lately and so we brought it to life. It was super fun.

Welcome to candyland.

The game started here and moved all around the entryway, kitchen, dining room, and finished up the stairs.

The kids moved themselves around the "board" after drawing the regular cards from the board game. We numbered each kid so as they started to move in front or behind people, we could still keep the order of who went next. It was a little chaotic but fun.

This cake was so much fun to make and definitely a hit with the kids. Every kid wanted to make sure they got a sucker in addition to their piece of cake.

Here are the clues to the treasure hunt. First they decorated their goodie bag and then they went on the treasure hunt collecting items such as bubbles, a pad of paper and pencil, a krazy straw, silly bands, bubble gum, a gummy butterfly, candy necklace, and of course, after a party like this, I felt obligated to send them home with a tooth brush!

Really, I can't believe Bella is already 6 years old. I remember the day she was born so very clearly. I was so excited and so scared to become a mom. That first night that we spent with her I almost had a panic attack realizing that I was completely in charge of such a beautiful, tiny, human being. I am trying my best to be a good mom to her. I know that I have been blessed beyond compare to be able to be her mom. She has brought so much happiness into our lives and I am so grateful for her sweetness and her desire to do what is right. She is growing up so fast. She is so smart, athletic, and she is a good friend. We love you, sweet Bella Joy.


Moose and Family said...

What a creative birthday party!! Good Job, Tirsa & Happy Birthday Bella!!

Heather said...

What a great birthday idea! I love it and the cake was super cute!

Haley L said...

You are creative beyond my wildest imagination. Looks like it turned out as perfect as it was planned to!

Jessie and kids said...

i love that you sent them home with a toothbrush! That is just awesome!!

shelly said...

Tirsa, what a cute and fun idea! And the cake is fabulous! What a fun mom you are. :)

Amy said...

I am seriously impressed... looks like so much fun!

tamiz said...

I really need some circus peanuts after seeing that!