Saturday, May 8, 2010

It was an honor

to speak at the FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) regional conference for Colorado and Wyoming last weekend. I was asked to speak on "Parenting the Adopted Child". I stole this picture off of the FSA blog. I am obviously making an incredibly insightful and poignant remark (you sense the heavy sarcasm, right?).

It really was awesome to be among so many incredible families who have adopted or who are hoping to adopt. The adoption world is so very supportive.

When Blaine and I got home from the conference, we took the kids to the grocery store and bought angel food cake, frosting, candy, ice cream and candles. We have started the tradition to celebrate the anniversary of legalizing and sealing Bella and Ezra to us. We call it "Angel Day" or our family's birthday. Each of us (including Bella's best friend, Sophie, who is practically family) got to decorate our own piece of cake, and blow out our own candle after singing "Happy Birthday" to our family. We are trying to keep this holiday as general and inclusive as possible as we don't want anyone to feel left out (such as Cali, who doesn't have a special sealing day to celebrate).

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