Sunday, September 6, 2009

We survived the first month of 3 kids!

Cali is now 1 month old. Blaine and I were both commenting about how long this month has been. I'm blaming it on sleep deprivation. I do feel like I am finally adjusting to 3 kids and the demands of being the sole provider of food for Cali. What a change this has been from caring for our other two newborns. I miss those days when Blaine could feed the baby just as easily as I could BUT, I am learning to enjoy the special time that Cali and I get together all day long (and night, of course) as I nurse her. Cali is becoming a chunky monkey and weighed in at 9 pounds and 1 ounce a few days ago when I took her in for a weight check.

Today we made our church debut but only stayed for Sacrament meeting and she stayed in her carseat the whole time. I took this picture of her after church because she looked so cute in her church clothes. After taking it, my camera stopped working! I guess I'll be buying a new camera this week!

Bella pulled Cali up alongside her so that they could watch a Barbie movie together. Bella keeps talking about how she and Cali are going to play Barbies together. I hope Bella is patient for another year or two!

Ez is always saying, "I wanna hold" and anytime he is near the baby, he is kissing her. He is one sweet big brother.

Bella has loved playing Wii with Daddy. She is our little guitar hero!


Brandie Lyon said...

Her dress is beautiful.

Jen said...

Sorry about the camera. I can't believe that she is already one month old. She looks absolutely adorable in her little dress. Glad to hear the breastfeeding is going well...are you not pumping anymore...what changed? Can't wait to chat when you get a few minutes. And I am so IMPRESSED that it only took you one month to adjust to three, I know that won't be the case for me. You are amazing!

Jessie and kids said...

The photo of Ez and Cali is so sweet. It would be a good one to put in a frame by his bed. You gotta love the big brother little sister relationship. Bella is so cute with her serious concentration look. And Cali is beautiful. I am so excited to watch her for you! See you soon

tamiz said...

Sounds like Ez is doing well! It's a little crazy for me to see kids Jude's age become older siblings. I guess that was me a few years ago though.

Ben and Claudia said...

Every week is a bit better with the sleep and the nursing and the fatigue. Just keep telling yourself that every day. I love Cali's Sunday dress and I'm glad you went HOME after Sacrament!!