Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Notes

This morning Blaine woke up early with Bella and Ez and I got to stay in bed until 9:00 with Cali, who has her days and nights completely turned around. When I woke up, there was this cute little post it note on my bedroom door from Bella telling me to wake up, along with a drawing of a teddy bear. I love how she is sounding words out on her own.

And then later in the morning, Bella was upstairs in her room with the door shut. When I went upstairs, I noticed this lovely little post it note on the outside of her door.

She is not even in kindergarden yet and she is already telling her Mom, Dad, and little brother that they can't come into her room. I can only imagine the notes that will be on the outside of her door when she is a teenager!

And this is the cute picture that Bella brought to Cali and I when we were still in the hospital. She sounded out how to spell Cali's name. Not bad for a pre-schooler.


Jessie and kids said...

I agree, there is nothing cuter than the love notes of a little one. Sweet little girls.

Leslie said...

She is so smart! Love the notes.

Brandie Lyon said...

that is so great. I love it when they start to sounds things out.

Tami Bee said...

Those are adorable!